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Dr Ioannis Kourakis

Further Reviewing Success for School Staff

11/04/2017 - Recognition for School researcher's reviews

Image: Joy Pollard

Kuiper Belt breakthrough

School Research Fellow reveals secret of blue binaries

7/04/2017 - Kuiper Belt breakthrough published in Nature Astronomy

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‘Outstanding Reviewer’ awards for School researchers

10/03/2017 - CTAMOP and CPP researchers recognised for contribution to reviewing process

Ramsbottom and Ballance posing in front of a scientific poster

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CTAMOP Researchers secure funding success

30/01/2017 - Grants to bring in over £1.7 million over next five years

Cosimo Inserra posing in front of a brick wall

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2017 winner of the RAS Winton Capital award

23/01/2017 - Postdoctoral Research Fellow Cosimo Inserra wins prestigious prize

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Mapping the Universe

22/12/2016 - Survey results covering billions of stars released to public

Purple flashes of dramatic horizontal lightning

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Queen’s CNM team in nanocircuitry breakthrough

21/12/2016 - Nature Communications paper paves way for shape-shifting nanoscale electronic devices

Image of a flaming comet passing over a Black Hole

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Sun-like star destroyed by Black Hole

21/12/2016 - ARC researchers gather evidence of exceptional event

Hamilton Prize winner 2017 Thomas Mellon posing with presenters

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Hamilton Prize 2016


Cosimo Inserra posing in front of a brick wall

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The geometry of exploding stars


In laboratory

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Black Holes and Supernovae


Hypervelocity star

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Fastest unbound star


Black Holes merging dramatically together

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Making Gravitational Waves


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Queen's Physicists make important discovery in Nano-Electronics

18/10/2016 - Queen’s University physicists have discovered how electricity is conducted in a type of two-dimensional material – a breakthrough that could herald a new era in electronics.