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Key Contacts

Head of School
Prof Francis Keenan     

School Manager     
Dr Dave Weir

Undergraduate contacts

Director of Education
Prof Ian Williams (Phys)    
Assistant Directors of Education     
Dr Ariel Blanco (PM)
Dr Gleb Gribakin (AM & SOR)
Undergraduate Advisors of Studies

Dr Salissou Moutari
Prof Jorge Kohanoff
Prof Anthony Wickstead
Dr Cathy Ramsbottom

Prof Marty Gregg
Prof Dave Riley
Dr Paul Dawson
Dr Bob Pollard

Careers Liaison Advisor
Dr Gabrielle De Chaira

Admissions Tutor     
Dr Tom Field (Phys)
Dr Penny Scott (Maths)

Research Contacts

Directors of Research

Prof Stephen Smartt  Astrophysics
Prof Jorge Kohanoff  Atomistic Simulation
Prof Adele Marshall  Statistical Science & Operational Research
Prof Hugo van der Hart  Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Dr Ivan Todorov  Pure Mathematics
Prof Matt Zepf  Plasma Physics
Prof Robert Bowman  Nanostructured Media


Postgraduate Tutors
Dr Mauro Paternostro (CTAMOP and CenSSOR)      
Prof Mihalis Mathioudakis (ARC)
Dr Martin Mathieu (PMRC)
Dr Dan Dundas (ASC)
Dr Paul Dawson (CNM)
Dr Tom Field (CPP)

Postgraduate Advisors
Dr Salissou Moutari
Dr Gabrielle De Chaira