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Research activity in the School of Mathematics and Physics at Queen’s University Belfast is focused into seven Research Centres:

  • Astrophysics Research Centre (ARC)
  • Atomistic Simulation Centre (ASC)
  • Centre for Nanostructured Media (CNM)
  • Centre for Plasma Physics (CPP)
  • Centre for Statistical Science and Operational Research (CenSSOR)
  • Centre for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (CTAMOP)
  • Pure Mathematics Research Centre (PMRC)

Since 2001 there have been several major developments in the School, which have contributed to a regenerated and vibrant research environment.  The 4700m2 International Research Centre for Experimental Physics (IRCEP) was completed in December 2004, while a new £3.3M building was built to house the Mathematicians including CTAMOP and PMRC.  One of the consequences of these developments has been the significant reorientation of our research into areas including quantum information and measurement, theory of soft matter, and supernova research. 

A major QUB and EPSRC investment in plasma physics led to the construction of a new 20 terawatt laser system, giving access to ultra-short x-ray pulses.  To our knowledge, this is unique as a university-based high energy, short-pulse CPA laser system, and was underpinned by an EPSRC S&I Award. The arrival of the focused ion beam microscope in 2001 has led to innovations in the nanofabrication of three dimensional structures; funding for the SuperWASP project has resulted in discoveries of extrasolar planets.