A list of our current members is provided below, followed by some of our past members. We provide links to pdf versions of the doctoral theses of some students below. 

Members of Ultrafast Belfast

Dr Jason Greenwood
  • Jason is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Physics at QUB, and has been researching atomic and molecular dynamics on femtosecond lasers for the past 10 years. He is currently at the forefront of efforts to observe coherent electron motion in isolated, complex molecules on timescales approaching the attosecond domain. 

Prof Ian Williams
  • Ian is a Professor of Physics and currently Director of Education for Physics and Astronomy in the School of Mathematics and Physics. He has been a lecturer at QUB since 1985 and, after significant research in the area of electron-ion scattering, he has nearly 20 years of research experience in atomic and molecular dynamics in intense laser fields.

Simone de Camillis
  • Simone has Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Pisa. His research is focussing on developing techniques for producing gas phase molecular targets which will be used to study ultrafast molecular dynamics

 Jordan Miles
  • graduate of Physics at Queen's, Jordan's research is focussing on developing a new technique for distinguishing between left- and right-handed chiral molecules via femtosecond laser ionisation.

Grace Alexander
  • A graduate of Physics at Queen's, Grace's research will involve understanding of high harmonic generation and its applications.

Whilst a signifciant proportion of our time is spent working in Belfast, much of our work beneifts from collaborations with other groups and work carried out at the Central Laser Facility (UK) and the Attosecond Laser Facility at the Politechnico di Milano. We  have on-going collaborative links with the following people/groups

Past Members and PhD Theses

Dr. Louise Belshaw
  • PhD student 2010-2013, Supervisor: Dr Jason Greenwood.
  • Currently: Trainee Clinical Scientist, Medical Physics Department, Belfast Trust
  • lbelshaw01@
Dr. Leigh Graham
Dr Martin Duffy
Dr Orla Kelly
Dr Chris Calvert
Dr Raymond King
Dr John Alexander
Dr Philip Orr
Dr Jarlath McKenna
  • PhD Student 2003-2006, Supervisor: Prof Ian Williams
  • Currently: Publishing Editor Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol, England
Dr Jofre Pedregosa Gutierrez
  • PhD Student 2002-2006, Supervisor: Dr Jason Greenwood
  • Currently;  Physics Lecturer @ Universite de Provence, Marseille
Dr B. Srigengan
  • Postdoctoral Research Assistant with Prof Ian Williams
Dr Muthilingham Suresh
  • PhD Student 2002-2005, Supervisor: Prof Ian Williams
Dr Gail Johnston
  • PhD 2004, Supervisor: Prof Ian Williams
  • Currently: Clinical Scientist, Medical Physics Department, Belfast Trust 
Dr Paul McKenna
  • PhD 2000, Supervisor: Prof Ian Williams
  • Currently: Professor in Physics @ University of Strathclyde