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The ability to enhance the properties of polymers using small additions nano-fillers, such as modified clays or carbon nano-tubes, has created widespread academic and commercial interest worldwide. However, to realise the full potential of these and related composites in industrial applications requires a fundamental understanding of their microstructure in combination with the influence of processing methodology. To this end, there is significant research effort at Queen’s to investigate the formulation of such materials, their melt processing behaviour under shear and extensional flow regimes and using modelling approaches to predict processing related effects and properties. Particular emphasis is also being given to nano-particle filled polymer foams and fibres, cellulose nanocomposites and the development of novel medical devices with increased functionality.

The following researching is ongoing in Nanomaterials:

Nanofibre Reinforced Polymer Biocomposites

Polymer Foams Reinforced with Nanofillers

Melt Blending of Nanofillers

Surface Functionalisation of Nanofillers

Modification of Textile Fibres Using Nanofillers