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The Turbomachinery Research Cluster at QUB boosts an extensive catalogue of facilities for the complete analysis of turbochargers, gas turbines, air cycle refrigeration and other rotodynamic machines. These facilities encompass the complete design process from early 1D design through to final prototype manufacturing and testing.

The cluster utilises industry standard CFD, FEA and CAD packages and benefits from access to over 900 parallel cores of high performance computing resources at QUB. The cluster is also currently involved in developing and publishing enhancements to 1D design and prediction tools.

In-house CNC manufacturing facilities allow the effective manufacture of prototype rotors, volutes and including any component requiring 5-axis machining. This allows complete stages to be designed, manufactured and tested completely within the department.

Testing facilities include hot and cold gas stands with a large battery of scroll compressors capable of producing flow rates of 1.6 kg/s of air at 7 bar pressure. An extensive capacity to experimentally analyse the flow properties of turbomachines has been developed through many years of experience. Standard measurements of temperature and pressure are complimented by techniques including high frequency pressure measurements, Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) and measurement rakes.