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Polymer Processing Research Centre (PPRC)

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Analysis and Testing

Supporting leading edge, industrially exploitable, fundamental and applied research and development

The characterisation laboratories in the Centre are equipped with an extensive range of polymer analysis techniques catering for many of the thermal, rheological, mechanical and microscopic requirements of the polymer processing industry

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two female students in labcoats using a pipette dropper to add a substance to a test tube

Medical Polymers Research

Development of new materials, products and processes for the medical devices and drug delivery industries

Fundamental and applied research on polymeric biomaterials, passive and active medical devices and pharmaceutical polymeric packaging materials, integrating innovative research from design, through processing to testing and evaluation

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Industrial Training and Consultancy

Engaging the global polymer industry for the transfer of knowledge and technical expertise

With extensive industrial experience, staff in the Centre can provide a range of polymer related training courses to industry which can be tailored to meet particular requirements.

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Northern Ireland Advanced Composites and Engineering (NIACE)

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Advanced Composites Engineering

Born out of a collaboration between Academia, Industry and Government

A technology hub for the research and development of advanced engineering and advanced materials technologies across a range of industrial sectors. Promoting the development of skills and rapid knowledge transfer between the universities and industry, ensuring the development of innovative new product and manufacturing technologies.


Northern Ireland Technology Centre

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Technology and innovation centre

Specialising in design, knowledge engineering and manufacturing

Bridging the gap between academic research and commercial production to meet industries needs and offer advanced solutions for customers in various sectors, such as aerospace, industrial equipment, energy, consumer products, manufacturing and packaging