PhD Studentships

Postgraduate Research Studentships

PhD studentships are available for applicants who wish to undertake full-time research in the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Queen's University Belfast. Funding arrangements differ from project to project, so guidance on eligibility and stipend should be sought from the individual project description/supervisor.

Applications should be made electronically through the Queen’s online application portal by clicking here.


Further details for each individual project can be found by clicking on the title of the project within the table.  Should you require any additional information, you can also obtain contact details for the lead supervisor by clicking their name in the table below.

Queens University Belfast is a diverse and international institution which is strongly committed to equality, diversity and selection on merit. Currently women are under-represented in research positions in the School and accordingly, applications from women are particularly welcome.



Lead Supervisor 

Multifunctional elastomer nanocomposites for self-healing stretchable conductors

Biqiong Chen
Design and productionisation of aerodynamic bearings using foil and hybrid air bearing technology for high speed turbo-machinery applications Stephen Spence
Finite Element Modelling for Optimisation of Renewable Packaging Gary Menary
Decision support tool for optimal sequencing of installation operations for an offshore wind farm Adrian Murphy
Simulation of the Advanced Manufacturing of Multi-layer Rotomoulded Structures for the Renewable Energy Sector Peter Martin 
Optimal integration of joint energy and power services to determine true strike price of offshore wind Aoife Foley


Sir William Wright Technology Centre - PhD positions available for 2019-2020  
Future retail electricity market structure and operations with increasing customer engagement  Aoife Foley
Prediction and control of variation propagation in aircraft assembly Yan Jin
Voice orchestrated design tools Amar Kumar Behera
Battery Thermal Management and Algorithmic 3D Temperature Prediction Stephen Glover
Novel Nanohybrid Coatings for Controlling the Degradation Rate of Bioresorbable Medical Devices Dan Sun
Computer aided process planning for multi-tasking machines and multi-machine tasks Amar Kumar Behera
Modelling Aircraft Fatigue Load Spectra and the Effect of Novel Aircraft Designs Adrian Murphy
Polymer Nanocomposites for Cardiovascular stent applications Gary Menary
Manipulating the chemistry and nanotopography of cultured diatoms for applications in tissue regeneration technologies. Fraser Buchanan
CAE modelling for novel aircraft and engine integration Trevor Robinson
Biohaviour: Novel geometric modelling methods for 3D printing bioinspired designs Trevor Robinson



























































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