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MA Programmes

The School offers a wide range of taught MA programmes:

For information on postgraduate Languages courses please click here.

Interpreting and Translation

The MA is a one- year full-time programme (or 2.5 years part-time) that has traditionally been a first step toward a higher research degree (the PhD). But it is much more than that and is increasingly valued in itself because of the advanced language and cultural skills it offers. Because MA students learn how to conduct sophisticated research into language and culture, the MA also constitutes an excellent qualification for work in the public or private sector, where advanced writing and investigative skills can give you a competitive edge over other graduates with a BA.
The general structure of the MA is: 6 taught modules in semesters 1 and 2; a dissertation module completed over the summer and submitted by 15th September.


Modern Languages expects its candidates to have a 2:1 Hons degree or the equivalent. To complete for School funding a first-class degree is normally required.

Please note that applicants are required to submit a separate application for admission and funding. Click here to apply online. See below for the funding application form.


Quite a few students self-fund the MA as an extra year of study. Some are able to do this by studying part-time and combining their course with a part-time job. Some funding is available every year for especially qualified students. Further details can be found here.

Part-time friendly

Queen's is aware that many students need or prefer to study on a part-time basis, so modules are timetabled to allow for this.