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States of Crime Conference

The School of Languages Literatures and Performing Arts
in conjuction with
The School of English

States of Crime: The State in Crime Fiction


                                                                                                                    Photograph by Nicolas Fève


The States of Crime:  The State in Crime Fiction
17th-18th of June 2011
Queen's University Belfast


This international and interdisciplinary Conference is the fourth organized in Ireland under the aegis of the Atlantic Alliance of Universities Crime Genre Research Group. Following on our discussions of the relations of Crime Fiction and History (Galway, 2005), the role of settings (Limerick, 2007) and of con(tra)ventions in the genre (Cork, 2009), the Belfast Conference will compare representations of crime and State traditions in diverse cultural, linguistic and political areas since the early 19th Century. It proposes, among other questions, to probe how mediatisation of crime narratives effectively both buttress and challenge concepts central to State authority, such as legitimate violence, common public interest, Welfare and rationality.