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Latin American Studies Forum

The Latin American Studies Forum at Queen's University Belfast seeks to provide a focal point for the diverse and geographically dispersed research activities and interests across the University (Spanish and Portuguese Studies, Ethnomusicology, Social Anthropology, Geography, Law, Politics, Economics, to name a few) and to engage with the wider Northern Ireland community.

This space brings together scholars and the wider public to engage in discussions of historical and contemporary issues that impact on a global level, to encourage students to look outside the world of Northern Ireland, and to foster research of the highest quality through the organisation of seminars, workshops and lectures.  

Research interests range from the colonial period of Spanish and Brazilian America to transitional justice in the 21st century. New topics of discussions are always welcome. Activities include a series of seminars each semester and a lively reading group. Please see the News & Events or links section for latest details on all events relating to Latin America.

For further details please contact:

Dr Fiona Clark (Director) (Spanish & Portuguese Studies)-

Dr Sarah Bowskill (Spanish & Portuguese Studies) -

Dr Tori Holmes (Spanish & Portuguese Studies) -

Dr Suzel Reily (Ethnomusicology) -

Dr Marny Requa (Law / Transitional Justice) -