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Upcoming Latin America related events

Second semester, 2014-2015


10 February 2015

Seminar: ' Voices in Music, Voices on Music: Anthropology and Ethnomusicology in dialogue'

(including discussion of music in popular Catholicism in Brazil)

Dr Suzel Reily (School of Creative Arts, QUB)

4.15pm, 13 University Square, Performance Room

Organised by the School of History and Anthropology


26 February 2015

Seminar: 'Art as Medicine: the Life and Work of Frida Kahlo, Then and Now'

Dr Arminda de la Garza (University College Cork)

4.30pm, Lanyon Building, 0G/074

Organised by the Health Humanities Research Group

Enquiries to Dr Steven Wilson (


27 February 2015

Visiting Vanderbilt Scholars Lightning Talks & Wine Reception

Includes the participation of Marshall Eakin (Vanderbilt), speaking on "Shadows in the Soul: Brazilian Identity in the Twentieth Century"

5-6pm, Canada Room & Council Chamber

Organised by the Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities (

Enquiries to Dr Aubrey Porterfield (


25 March 2015

Seminar: 'Nação Drummers: Music and Religious Modernity in the Extreme South of Brazil'

Dr Reginaldo Braga (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul/QUB)

1.00pm, McMordie Hall, Music Building

Organised by the School of Creative Arts


26 March 2015

Pop-Up Cinema: María, llena eres de gracia (Colombia)

4pm, 11 University Square, room 101

Organised by the Latin American Studies Forum


28 April 2015

LASF Seminar: 'Chilean "Cause Lawyers" and the New Human Rights Discourse'

4pm, 26 University Square, room 01/005

Dr Marny Requa (Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice, School of Law, QUB)

Organised by the Latin American Studies Forum

30 April 2015

Pop-Up Cinema: Cidade dos Homens (Brazil)

4pm, 11 University Square, room 101

Organised by the Latin American Studies Forum


Regular events

Starting on Friday 13 February, there will be a series of workshops on Brazilian music involving a range of styles: bumba-meu-boi, choro, bossa nova, Brazilian jazz etc. Sessions will take place weekly on Fridays from 11-12 in the Harty Room, Music Building. Contact: Suzel Reily (


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