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Upcoming Latin America related events

Second semester, 2015-2016

9 March 2016

Sebastian Melo and Ewan Cass-Kavanagh (Honorary Researchers at the University of Bristol)
The Quipu Project: An Interactive Participatory Documentary on the Sterilization of Men and Women in 1990s Peru
1-2pm, PFC 2/13

*Posthegemony Reading Group*
Reading of Jon Beasley Murray’s Posthegemony
Wednesday 2nd March @ 1600
Wednesday 16th March @ 1600
Wednesday 13th April @ 1600
Please contact for readings and further details

28 April 2016
Dr Jon Beasley Murray (University of British Columbia)
Reading Posthegemonically
4pm, Venue TBC
Event supported by the Society for Latin American Studies

4 May 2016
Dr Ricki O’Rawe (Queen’s University Belfast)
‘Should we try to Self Remember while playing Snakes and Ladders?’:
Dr. Gambit as Gurdjieff in Leonora Carrington’s The Hearing Trumpet (1950)
1pm, 11 University Square, Room G01

ALL ARE WELCOME! For further information contact: Dr Fiona Clark (


Other relevant events taking place at QUB this semester

18 April 2016
Dr Brendan J. M. Weaver (Vanderbilt)
The Grace of God and Virtue of Obedience":
An Historical Archaeology of Slavery as Christian Discipline in Jesuit Wine Production in Colonial Peru
1pm, Elmwood Building, Room G0.33


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