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MA in Postcolonial Studies in Context

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MA in Postcolonial Studies in Context

School of Languages, Literatures and Performing Arts


The MA in Postcolonial Studies in Context provides a critical understanding of postcolonial theories and their relationship to specific geographic, linguistic, socio-cultural and political contexts, including the island of Ireland. The MA draws on a wide range of leading academic expertise within Queen’s, across a number of disciplines (including History, Literary and Cultural Studies, and Politics). It offers a flexible structure, which combines core theoretical and methodological modules with elective modules, allowing students to follow up on their particular interests.

The course encourages students to question the applicability of general theories that may have been developed from the study of a particular European empire to a variety of concrete colonial and postcolonial realities, ranging from Latin America, to Ireland, and to Southeast Asia.

The MA in Postcolonial Studies in Context also aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the principles of scholarship and research methods, and of critical theory as a foundation for doctoral research. Students will have the opportunity to specialise in areas which particularly interest them, and to enhance professional skills relevant to a variety of careers. For more details on this MA and to apply, please consult the Queen’s Course Finder at

The vibrancy of scholarship in Postcolonial Studies at Queen’s University is supported by Queen’s Postcolonial Research Forum, which holds a regular Seminar Series, with leading international speakers in the field, as well as conferences and other events. For more information on the Forum, please visit


Queen’s Postcolonial Research Forum is offering three bursaries of £1,000 each, and is open for all applicants to the MA in Postcolonial Studies in Context. Please visit

For more information on any of the above, you can also email Dr Anthony Soares (