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Dr Anthony Soares

Dr Anthony Soares
Dr Anthony Soares

Lecturer in Portuguese

Anthony Soares graduated with a BA Joint Honours degree in English and Portuguese from the University of Leeds in 1991. He completed his doctoral thesis (“Questions of Identity in the Poetry of Mário de Sá-Carneiro and Florbela Espanca”) at Queen’s University, where he has been Lecturer in Portuguese since 2001.

His research interests focus on postcolonial theory and literature in relation to the Portuguese-speaking world, specialising in contemporary Timor-Leste. He was awarded a British Academy grant to undertake a research project entitled “East Timorese Identity as Postcolonial Construct”, having also been awarded a grant under the AHRC Research Leave scheme to complete a manuscript based on the results of this project. Other areas of research include questions of identity and nationality in twentieth-century and contemporary Portuguese literature and culture, particularly in relation to migration. He would welcome enquiries from potential postgraduate students interested in these areas.

Anthony is currently the Director of Queen’s Postcolonial Research Forum, a multidisciplinary research network that seeks to promote a range of research-oriented activities in the area of postcolonial studies, including a regular seminar series with invited speakers. For more details, please consult


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Anthony is responsible for the co-ordination of all Portuguese teaching, and is involved in the teaching of Portuguese teaching at all levels, both on the Spanish & Portuguese Studies BA pathway, as well as Portuguese optional strands within Spanish pathways. He also convenes a Stage 2 Optional module entitled “Towards a Portuguese Postcolonialism”, and contributes to the Stage 1 modules, “Introduction to Iberian Studies” and “Introduction to Latin American Studies”.