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Dr Claire Moran


Claire Moran holds an MPhil and a PhD from Trinity College, Dublin and a BA and MA from the National University of Ireland, Galway. She also studied at the École Normale supérieure in Lyon and at Paris , rue d’Ulm, as well as at L’Université de Poitiers and L’Université Libre de Bruxelles. Before taking up her post at Queen’s, she taught at Paris III, Paris X and lectured at University College, Dublin .

Her doctoral thesis (2004) discussed techniques of self-representation in Charles Baudelaire, Odilon Redon and James Ensor. She specialises mainly in French poetry, critical editing and the relationship between art and literature in nineteenth and early twentieth-century France and Belgium .

She teaches undergraduate courses on Symbolism (level 2), Modernism(s) (level 3) and Paris – Capitale de la Modernité (level 3). Her postgraduate teaching includes classes on Zola, Huysmans and Baudelaire, as well as on modernist painting and performance. She is currently supervising a PhD on Performance in Nineteenth-Century French and Belgian Theatre and has recently supervised a PhD on Metaphors of Prostitution in Nineteenth-Century French Literature. She would welcome enquiries from potential postgraduate students in the fields of nineteenth-century French literature, Belgian literature, poetry and art.



Authored Books

-  Staging the Self: Art, Writing and Performance in Nineteenth-Century France and Belgium . (A study of Courbet, Redon, Degas, Ensor, Khnopff and Van Gogh)

(in preparation)

Critical Editions 

- Odilon Redon – Écrits, London: MHRA, 2005



Chapters in Books

-       ‘From Maeterlinck to Masks : Theatre and Mise-en scène in Fernand Khnopff and James Ensor’ in  Au seuil de la modernité: Proust et ses prédécesseurs ( Festschrift in honour of Richard Bales), Amsterdam : Rodopi, 2010

-          ‘Creative Crucifixions: The Artist as Christ in Symbolist Art’, in Pain and Pleasure in Nineteenth-Century French Culture, ed. David Evans and Kate Griffiths, Amsterdam : Rodopi, 2008, 239-253

-          ‘The Aesthetics of Self-Skeletonization in James Ensor’, in Birth and Death in Nineteenth-Century French Culture, ed. Nigel Harkness, Lisa Downing, Sonya Stephens and Tim Unwin,   Amsterdam : Rodopi, 2007, 239-253

-          ‘Word, Image and Modernity in James Ensor’, in La Belgique entre deux siècles: Laboratoire de la modernité,  New York : Peter Lang, 2006, pp.107-123

-          ‘From the Exotic Other to the Unconscious: Otherness in the Work of Odilon Redon’, in ‘Cross-Cultural Travel’, Papers from the Royal Irish Academy Symposium on Literature and Travel, National University of Ireland, Galway, Nov. 2002, ed. Jane Conroy, New York: Peter Lang, 2003, pp. 261-71

Articles in Journals

-          ‘Manet and the Art of Performance’ (under review)

-          ‘Baudelaire, Daumier and the Art of Memory (under review)

-     ‘De la mise-en-scène du moi à l’image expressionniste chez James Ensor’ La Licorne, ed. Robert Dion et Mahigan Lepage, vol. 84, 2009, pp169-85

 -   ‘Under the Spell of Nerval? Redon and the Symbolists’, Word and Image, vol. 23, (4), October-December 2007, pp.414-19