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Dr Dominique Jeannerod

Dr Dominique Jeannerod

I studied Law, Political Science and Modern French Literature in Tours, Strasbourg, Passau and Freiburg. I wrote my PhD at Trinity College, Dublin, on the artistic trajectory and careers in theatre, film and popular literature of Frédéric Dard aka San-Antonio, 1960’s France best seller, sociological phenomenon and linguistic experimenter. I was a research and teaching assistant at the Universities of Freiburg and Strasbourg, and an Arts Faculty Research Fellow in University College, Dublin, before coming to Queen’s as a Lecturer in 2007. My areas of research include Cultural Studies, Popular Cultures, Social Theory, and Film. I have a special interest in European Crime Fiction and in Film noir. I am a member of the Atlantic Alliance Research Group on European Crime Fiction, the European Network Europolar, the Leeds University based Popular Cultures Research Network and the Queen’s War and Memory Forum.

I teach three M.A. Modules, on 19th-Century Realism, on War, Peace and Memory and on Autobiography and Autofiction. I am also involved in the M.A. course Research Methods.  I offer an optional Level 3 Filière, « Lois et Principes de la République », and a Level 2 optional Module «  Film Noir ». I also teach language at all levels.

I am currently co-supervising three PhD theses, on the politics of post-Nouvelle Vague Avant-gardes, on post-1945 travel writing in French and on the concept of Universalism.  I would welcome enquiries about supervision in the fields of Crime fiction, the History of Ideas, and 21st-century French Literature. I am especially interested in European comparative studies and interdisciplinary approaches (such as film, history or politics).

Recent publications


Jean Patrick Manchette, the Prone Gunman (under completion)

San-Antonio et son double, Paris, PUF, 2010.

Edited Books

(with Françoise Rullier-Theuret, Thierry Gautier and Dominique Lagorgette), San-Antonio et la culture française. Actes du colloque international des 18, 19 et 20 mars 2010 en Sorbonne, Chambéry, Editions de l'Université de Savoie, 2010.

(with Thomas Würtenberger, Dieter Tscheulin, Jean-Claude Usunier and Eric Davoine) Wahrnehmungs- und Betätigungsformen des Vertrauens in Frankreich und Deutschland, Berlin, Berlin Verlag, 2002.

Guest editions

(With Peter Tame) André Malraux et les valeurs spirituelles du 21ème siècle, two special issues of the Revue André Malraux Review, Vol. 35, Spring 2008 and  Vol. 36, Spring 2009

Articles in Journals

« L’Alsace des Noyers de l’Altenburg », RAMR, 36, 2009, 121-138

« L’exportation de l’imaginaire de San-Antonio à l’épreuve de son imagerie », M S.-A, 34, Spring 2008, 24-29 

« Mort du détective et fin de l’Histoire chez Didier Daeninckx », AJFS, XLIV, 1, 2007, 32-43

The Year’s Work in Modern Languages Studies

French Literature, The 21st Century, YWMLS, vol. 71, 2009, MHRA, 2011, pp. 205-214

French Literature, 1945 to the present, YWMLS, vol. 70, 2008, MHRA, 2010, pp. 197-229

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Book Chapters:

« Chateaubriand du coq à l’âne ou dernier grand écrivain du siècle ? La réception de San-Antonio dans la presse », in San-Antonio et la culture française, Chambéry, Editions de l'Université de Savoie, 2010.

« Le discours judiciaire comme catégorie du risible : pragmatique de l’invective dans l’œuvre de San-Antonio », in Larochelle, Marie-Hélène (dir.) Invectives et violences verbales dans le discours littéraire, Québec, Presses de l’Université Laval, 2007, pp. 163-175

«Representations of Crime and Punishment in French and Irish Crime Fiction» in : Masson, Antoine (dir.) Representations of Justice, Bern,  Peter Lang, 2007, pp. 15- 32.  

Encyclopedia Entries:

Entry on Simenon in the Literary Encyclopedia (forthcoming)

Four Entries in Brulotte, Gaëtan, (dir.) The Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature, New York : Routledge, 2006.

Reviews  for French Studies, Modern & Contemporary France, The Modern Language Review, Ä–tudes Irlandaises and the Irish Journal of French Studies,