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Dr Peter Tame

 Dr Peter Tame
Dr Peter Tame

I attended King's College (University of London) as an undergraduate and University College (also London ) as a postgraduate.  My principal research interests lie in the area of literature and politics in twentieth-century France and, more especially, the representation of ideologies (Fascism and Communism) in French fiction. 


I have translated a number of Robert Brasillach's works into English, including his memoirs of inter-war Paris (and France), Notre avant-guerre (Before the War, published by Edwin Mellen Press, 2002). 

This English translation also contains introductions, critical notes, index and a glossary.  A more recent publication (2006) is a critical biography (the first in English) of André Chamson, a writer from the Cévennes but also one of national and international importance.

My current research focuses on regionalism and the concept of ‘imaginative spaces’ in twentieth-century French fiction.  This is greatly helped by owning a second home in the Cévennes.

I am Vice-Président of the Association des Amis de Robert Brasillach ( Geneva ).  I am also a member of the Conseil d’Administration of the AIAM (Amitiés Internationales d'André Malraux).





Winner of the Prix Robert Brasillach 1980 for my biography La Mystique du fascisme dans l’oeuvre de Robert Brasillach (Paris, NEL, 1986).

Winner of the Grand Prix de l’Académie Française 2007, le Prix Hervé Deluen, for the promotion of French as an international language.


Authored books:

André Chamson (1900-1983): a critical biography (New York/Lampeter, Mellen Press, 2006). Book 1: 978-0-7734-5681-5: 376 pp. Book 2: 978-0-7734-5683-9: 396 pp. ( Click here to view publication online

A Translation of 'Notre avant-guerre' / 'Before the War' by Robert Brasillach (Lampeter, Mellen Press, 2002). 438 pp. ISBN: 0-7734-7158-8. ( Click here to view publication online )

The Ideological Hero in the Novels of Robert Brasillach, Roger Vailland and André Malraux (New York, Peter Lang Inc: Ars Interpretandi Series, 1998). 526 pp. ( Click here to view publication online ).

La Mystique du fascisme dans l'oeuvre de Robert Brasillach (Paris, Nouvelles Editions latines, 1986). 518 pp.

Essays in edited volumes:

Les Bienveillantes de Jonathan Littell, ed. Murielle Lucie Clément (Cambridge: Open Book Publishers, 2010) pp. 350. Peter Tame's chapter is entitled 'Lieux réels et lieux imaginaires dans Les Bienveillantes'.

Chapter 8: ‘Robert Brasillach and Paris: Paradise lost’ in Paris and the Right in the Twentieth Century, Jessica Wardhaugh, ed. (Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007), pp. 169-92.

'History in the abyss: André Chamson's L'Auberge de l'abîme’ in Catherine Emerson/Maria Scott, eds, Artful Deceptions: verbal and visual trickery in French Culture (Oxford/Bern/Berlin/Bruxelles/Frankfurt am Main/New York/Wien, Peter Lang, 2006), pp. 97-111.

 ‘L'intellectuel et l'histoire dans Les Noyers de l'Altenburg’, in André Malraux et le rayonnement culturel de la France, ed. Charles-Louis Foulon (Paris, Editions Complexes, 2004), pp. 57-68.

Chapter 7: 'Fiction and history in Les Noyers de l'Altenburg in André Malraux: across boundaries, ed. Geoffrey Harris (Amsterdam, Rodopi, 2001).

Journal papers: academic

· 'André Chamson's novel Le Puits des miracles: France at war?', Forum for Modern Languages, 41,2, April 2005: 226-37.

· 'Roger Vailland et la prose revée du XXIe siècle', Cahiers Roger Vailland, 22, December 2004: 113-28.

· 'Drôle de jeu: le jeu de la guerre, de l'amour et du hasard' in Roman 20-50, 35, June 2003: 47-56.

· 'Lawrence d'Arabie: héros idéologique du Démon de l'absolu ?' in Larrat, Jean- Claude and Lecarme, Jacques (eds), D'un siècle l'autre, André Malraux: actes du colloque de Cerisy-la-Salle (Paris, Gallimard, 2002): 314-28.

· 'Roger Vailland et Gobineau: le discours aristocratique et les "fils de roi"', Cahiers Roger Vailland, 14, December 2000: 29-40.

· 'Whose memoirs are these anyway? - Representations of the individual and the group in Robert Brasillach's Notre avant-guerre' in Literary and Cultural Studies, Occasional Working Papers, no. 5, European Research Studies Institute, The University of Salford, March 2000, 37pp.

PhD Students Currently Supervised:

· Thierry Giaccardi - Subject: 'L'identité dans un exemple du roman à thèse de la fin XIXe siècle: le Roman de l'énergie nationale de Maurice Barrès.'

· Manuel Bragança - Subject: 'Perceptions of Germany in postwar French fiction (1945-1968).'

I am happy to supervise research on late nineteenth-century and twentieth-century French fiction and politics, together with ideological narratives, particularly in the inter-war era and during the Second World War.  I would also be happy to supervise research in regionalism, imaginary spaces, and geopoetics in French fiction of the late nineteenth and twentieth century.

Undergraduate teaching

I currently offer two optional modules, one at Level 2 (‘Literature and Society in Twentieth-Century France') and one at Level 3 (‘The Literature of War’).

Postgraduate teaching

I currently offer one optional module for the MA in French, which is entitled 'From Realism to Naturalism' and one optional module in Modern French Studies – ‘Culture and Memory’ - which is entitled 'War, Peace and Memory in Twentieth-Century France'