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Dr Piotr Blumczyński

Dr Piotr Blumczyński

Before his appointment to lectureship at Queen’s in 2010, Piotr was Assistant Professor at the University of Wroclaw (2006–2010) and Lecturer in the Postgraduate School of Business Translation in Wroclaw (2004–2010).

He holds MA in English (2000) and PhD in linguistics (2006).

For a number of years, prior to his academic career and then alongside it, he worked as a free-lance translator and interpreter in a variety of international settings – including business negotiations, construction sites, courtrooms, scholarly conferences and rock concerts. His translation and interpreting portfolio includes over a dozen books, several hundred radio broadcasts and thousands of pages of commercial and technical texts.

Piotr’s research interests focus on various aspects of ethnolinguistics (‘cultural linguistics’) and cognitive semantics, on linguistic aspects of translation as well as translation of religious texts. He is currently involved in a research project exploring key evaluative concepts derived from canonical religious texts and mediated cross-culturally through translation.

He is a member of European Society for Translation Studies and currently serves on the Advisory Panel of the journal New Voices in Translation Studies. To-date, he has supervised over fifty MA dissertations in areas of translation and interpreting.

His recent outputs include:



Doctrine in Translation. The Doctrine of the Trinity and Modern English Versions of the New Testament. 2006. Lask: LEKSEM.


Chapters in edited volumes

“Pilnikiem, kluczem, czy siekiera? O tlumaczeniu Lema na angielski” [With an file, wrench or axe? On translating Stanislaw Lem into English]. Elzbieta Skibinska, Jacek Rzeszotnik, eds. 2010. Lem i tlumacze. Kraków: Ksiegarnia Akademicka. 79–92.

“Referential Convenience vs. Interpretational Hindrance.” Marek Kuzniak, Bozena Rozwadowska, eds. PASE papers 2008. Vol. 1. 2009. Wroclaw: ATUT. 223–233.

“Polish Terms Related to Translation – a Semantic and Lexicographic Study.” Krzysztof Bogacki, Joanna Cholewa, Agata Rozumko, eds. 2008. Methods of Lexical Analysis: Theoretical Assumptions and Practical Applications. Bialystok: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu w Bialymstoku. 47–56.