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Professor Margaret Topping

Professor Margaret Topping, QUB

MA, MSt, DPhil (Oxon)

I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Oxford University, gaining a Joint Honours degree in French and Spanish (1994), an M.St. (1995), and a D.Phil. (1998).  I was Lecturer in French at the University of Wales Bangor from 1998-2002, before joining the School of European Studies at Cardiff University. In January 2011, I was appointed to the Chair in French at Queen’s.

My research interests span two main areas: the work of Marcel Proust with a particular focus on its metaphorical construction, and textual and visual narratives of travel and migration. Current activities include a large-scale project on francophone travel literature and photography and, with Dr Rachael Langford of Cardiff University, the coordination of a research network on Representations of Mobility and Migration in European Cultures. Other research interests include: literature and mythology, literature and religion, Orientalism and exoticism, and visual cultures. I am co-editor of the University of Wales Press series, European Visual Cultures. I am also a member of the editorial board for the journals Studies in European Cinema and Assuming Gender.


 Books and Edited Collections:

Beckett’s Proust/Deleuze’s Proust (ed. with Mary Bryden) (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009)

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Proust’s Gods: Christian and Mythological Figures of Speech in the Works of Marcel Proust (Oxford: OUP, 2000), 244 pp.

Articles and book chapters:

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 Journal issues:

 ‘Writing Difference’ issue of e-journal New Readings, 7, ed. with Kathryn Jones and Joanne Sayner (2005), ISSN 1359-7485

‘Alternative Voices in European Cinema’, issue of e-journal New Readings, 8, ed. with Guyda Armstrong (2006), ISSN 1359-7485


I currently offer a L2 optional module on ‘The Orient in French Literature and the Visual Arts and a L3 filière on ‘Migration and Culture in Contemporary France’.

I contribute to the MA in French Studies and the MA in Modern French Studies: Culture and Memory.

With Prof. David Johnston (QUB) and Prof. Lawrence Venuti (Temple University), I am co-supervising Rebecca Riddles whose PhD thesis is exploring French travel literature through translation theory paradigms.

I am Director of Education for Languages.