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Year Abroad

Chris Marley Winner of the Year Abroad (2007-2008) Photographic Exhibition

Le seul véritable voyage, le seul bain de Jouvence, ce ne serait pas d'aller vers de nouveaux paysages, mais d'avoir d'autres yeux, de voir l'univers avec les yeux d'un autre, de cent autres, de voir les cent univers que chacun d'eux voit, que chacun d'eux est. (Marcel Proust)

All students studying Modern Languages at Queen's spend a period abroad. 

This experience gives students the opportunity to spend a prolonged period immersed in the language, and to increase both the depth and breadth of their linguistic knowledge and skills. It is a unique chance for them to develop cultural awareness of the country in which they are living, to make new friends, and to understand language learning in a new and lively environment. The residence abroad also fosters important personal development and work-based skills that allow students an experience of the professions they may enter after graduation, such as, teaching or finance.

There are various options for work and study abroad:

  • Language Assistantship in France, the Caribbean, Canada, Spain or Latin America with the British Council – gain work experience as an English teacher (and get paid!)
  • Organise your own work placement (subject to the approval of the Year Abroad Coordinator or Head of Area)
  • Study as an Erasmus student in:
    • France (Université de Tours, Université de Poitiers, Université de Bruxelles)
    • Spain (Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Universidad de León, Universidad de Las Palmas, Universidad de Extremadura, Cáceres)
    • Portugal (Universidade de Coimbra)

Students who are taking a Joint Degree (BA Joint Hons French and Spanish) can choose to go to a Francophone or Spanish-speaking country and then spend at least 1 month in a country where the other language is spoken, where they take an intensive language course e.g. Spend the academic year (September – June) in France and then go to Spain during August to attend a language course in Ronda.

Students on integrated pathways (Law, Accountancy and International Business with French or Spanish) undertake a year abroad which is organised by Law, Accountancy and International Business. This is usually either a work placement or an Erasmus year studying their subject in a French- or Spanish- speaking university.

Whichever option you choose, we will offer you guidance and support before you go. Parts of our second year language modules even focus on equipping you with practical skills you might find useful, such as opening a bank account, or renting a flat.

Student Stories:

Jane Lugea - Argentina Gareth Kearney - Spain Niamh Hargan - France
Mark Robinson - Mexico    

Photo Competition 2011-12

First Prize - Clarisse Corr, 'How French Can You Get?'
Second Prize - Julie Armstrong, 'Viernes de Dolores'
Third Prize - Mary Doney, 'Singing in the Rain'