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Internship Scheme

School of Nursing & Midwifery Internship Scheme

Conall O'Rourke

As part of the SWAN agenda in the School of Nursing and Midwifery an Internship Scheme has been developed to encourage students with an interest in research to work alongside experienced researchers to gain experience and build networks for future collaboration. SWAN aims to foster an ethos of gender equality across the University and mainstream exemplar equality practices. Students can either apply to work for a short period in the School at a time organised by themselves and an identified researcher or apply for a longer summer programme. Conall O'Rouke was offered a role as a summer intern and his experience is detailed below. 

Testimonial From Conall;

My name is Conall O’Rourke and for the past six weeks I have been an intern on the Music in Mind project summer scheme, held in the school of nursing and midwifery. I am a second year psychology student in Queens and first heard about the scheme through an email sent around my year. I wasn’t sure what to expect on my first day and was more than a little nervous but my past experience in SPSS and statistics, gained through my degree, ensured I had the skills necessary to complete the work.

The project itself looks at the core question facing music therapists today “Does music therapy help young people who go to children and young people’s services?” Through a six week programme and subsequent testing the project is exploring both the short term and long term effects of such therapies for young people aged 8-16. My role was largely data entry and consisted of scoring a range of depression, self-esteem, and other personality tests before entering and organising the raw data in an SPSS database.

In addition to the useful experience gained, which will be invaluable for my final year thesis, one of the major benefits of this internship was the chance to meet with and build contacts with other PhD students and researchers working in the school. Where before I had little understanding of the workload of research, or even what’s involved in a PhD, this studentship afforded me an insight into both of these areas. It provided a wealth of useful and practical advice and has helped direct me towards a future career in this area.

For further information on the Research Internship Scheme please contact Dr Helen Noble at or Dr Fiona Lynn at

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