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Safety Information

University Fire Safety Regulations can be found here

University Health and Safety Guideline can be found here


In case of an emergency, you should familiarise yourself with the emergency exit routes from the various buildings and rooms which you occupy in the course of your studies.These are clearly displayed in each room and should be pointed out to you by staff at the first lecture of each module.

It is also appropriate at this point to inform you that the University has a No Smoking policy in all buildings, and that food and drink must not be brought into lecture theatres or other teaching facilities.

In the event of an incident occurring requiring the attendance of any of the Emergency Services, occupants of University buildings are advised to report the incident and seek assistance by telephoning:

  • Extension 2222 (Calls to this number have priority status on the main telephone switchboard. The switchboard staff will then contact the appropriate Emergency Service).
  • If you phone to report an emergency, be prepared to:
  • State which Emergency Service you require, i.e. Fire Brigade, Police, etc. State the nature of the emergency, e.g. fire, injury and, if possible, indicate the severity. Give your name, extension number and the address to which the emergency service should be directed.


School of Nursing & Midwifery, Anatomy Wing, MBC

Fire Evacuation Personnel


Evacuation Officer:                           Paddy Haughian

Deputy Evacuation Officer:              Jarlath Smyth (Pager L2)


Level 2

Joan Earle

Nuala Magovern

Isabel Westermann


Level 3

Lyn Crawford

Maria Farrell (Pager L3)


Level 4

Susan Carlisle

Daphne Martin

Niall McKenna

John Power


Level 5

Sonya Clarke

Heather McKee

Mary O’Prey


Level 6

Frances Auld

Helen Gallagher


Level 7

Paddy Haughian (Pager L7)

Emma McCall


School of Nursing & Midwifery, Clinical Skills, MBC

Fire Evacuation Personnel


Evacuation Officer:                           Kevin Campbell

Deputy Evacuation Officer:              Paul Morris


Lower Ground Floor

Kevin Campbell

Paul Morris

Anne Scott