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Welcome (欢迎)

Welcome to the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Queen’s University Belfast. The School delivers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the disciplines of nursing and midwifery.

贝尔法斯特女王大学护理和助产学院欢迎 您。本学院提供护理和助产学的本科和研 究生课程。

We particularly welcome students from around the world to participate in our programmes. We have a Personal Tutor scheme that provides educational and pastoral support to students on a one-to one basis. We work closely with Queen’s Student Plus Directorate to provide a safe and culturally diverse learning experience for students while they are in the School. Together with Student Plus and the Students’ Union, we support our students to contribute and grow, and to better develop academic performance with an ethos of social inclusion and community.

我们尤其欢迎来自世界各地的学生来参 与我们的项目。我们对学生提供个人导 师计划,进行一对一的基础教育和支 持。我们的工作与女王大学的学生处紧 密合作,力求向学生提供一个顺畅的、 多元文化的学习环境。我们在学生处和 学生会的支持下, 我们的学生不仅在学 业上表现突出而且还能很好地融入当地 社会。


Professor Linda Johnston

Head of School

琳达 约翰斯顿 教授


 An information Booklet on the School of Nursing and Midwifery is available

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The Student Support Officer is also available to give advice to our International Students (office beside Senate Room in Lanyon South, tel 028 9027 3116).