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Nursing Jobs Fair


Date of Jobs Fair

The next Jobs Fair will be held on Monday 8 October 2012, 9.30am-12.00pm, in the Whitla Hall. It is compulsory for the February 10 intake to attend, and September 10 intake are welcome to attend for information.


What the Fair is about

The Jobs Fair gives you the opportunity to meet with representatives from hospital and community Trusts and some of the voluntary and independent sector employers to discuss employment opportunities.  It is an opportunity to meet front-line nursing staff and to discuss the various career options that are available.


Make the most of the Fair

  • Be organised
    - Check the list of participants

    - Decide which stands you want to visit

    - Be clear about the type of work you are seeking

    - Be able to explain what attracts you to a particular type of work and why you are interested in the Trust/organisation/employer
  • Be prepared

    - Find out about the organisation/employer before you talk with them

    - Look professional - dress smartly

    - Some employers may ask you to complete an application form on the day
  • Follow up

    - If you are interested in what's on offer ask about the next stage of the selection process

    - Make the fullest use of contacts and the information you collect at the Fair

    - Visit websites and organisations/employers for information on vacancies and on-line applications

    - Consider further education options


Questions you should be asking

'I am interested in developing a career in .....area of
practice.  What are the possibilities for career development
in this area?'

'Are there opportunities to get experience in a variety of
clinical settings?'

'Is an induction programme offered and what does it cover?'

'Are there opportunities for professional development and
what support is available?'

'What is the availability of funding or study leave for further
education and what other continuing professional development
initiatives are offered?'