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Staff/Student Consultative Groups


The School is keen for students to raise concerns and make constructive criticisms, which help us in the continuous improvement and continued relevance of our courses. Your input is highly valued and taken seriously by the School.



Student Representation

Students on all courses need to be actively involved in their course in terms of evaluation and suggestions for change. Electing representatives is an effective way of managing this and the method of doing this will vary according to the structure of each course. The following guidelines form the baseline for all courses.

Students on each course will be given the opportunity to elect representatives within the first three weeks of the start of the course.

The students elected will be representative of all students on the course as appropriate (e.g. full-time and/or part-time: first, second, third year: pathway).

Representatives’ names and contact details will be placed on the School website.

Student representatives will be given the opportunity to chair and run the Staff Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) meetings, i.e.

  • elect a chair
  • elect a secretary (with support of divisional secretaries)
  • call meetings at least once a semester (in agreement with the course director).


Student representatives will elect one representative from each course to attend the School Learning and Teaching Committee (SLTC).

To enable feedback from meetings to be available to all students, minutes of SSCC meetings will be posted on the School web pages. Student Representatives will be encouraged to summarise feedback from review meetings, SLTC and these reports can be posted on the School web pages.


Remit of Committees

All the committees below comprise both students and staff.

SSCC - The role of the Staff Student Consultative Committee is to act as a consultative committee of students and staff on all matters relating to academic welfare, including curriculum review and development. Great value is placed on the SSCC as a forum for the discussion of School issues between students and staff.

SLTC - The purpose of the School Learning and Teaching Committee is to receive and scrutinise course curriculum documents, modules and evaluations and to assure quality through an internal audit process.

SSPC - Students who fail to satisfy attendance requirements or fail to achieve satisfactory performance in formative practice assessments will be required to attend a Student Support Committee. This committee may also refer a student to FSPC.


Staff/Student Consultative Committees (SSCCs)

The purpose of Staff/Student Consultative Committees (hereafter referred to as ‘SSCCs’) is to ensure that schools and institutes receive evaluation and feedback from students on the quality of their academic provision and associated activities, and to provide a mechanism whereby heads of schools and institutes can seek the views of students on matters of policy related to course development and review.




Each intake will elect at least one representative to the group. These students will be known as ‘Course Representatives’. For a list of the current chairs for 2011-2012 period please click here. To contact any SSCC rep please contact clare.watson@qub.ac.uk and she will forward on the message.



  • Head of Division or Deputy
  • Course Directors
  • Module co-ordinators – one or two module co-ordinators from the current modules



Student Election

Elections will be organised by the School in liaison with the Students’ Union Vice-President of Education. These will take place during Week 3 of the course.



  • There will be three meetings per year: A Chairperson and Secretary will be elected annually for each Committee.
  • Fourteen days prior to each meeting students will be notified by the Undergraduate Nursing Sciences office to enable the inclusion of relevant items to the Agenda.
  • An Agenda will be issued seven days before each meeting by the Undergraduate Nursing Sciences office.



Minutes of the School of Nursing and Midwifery
Staff/Student Consultative Committees




Competence of an SSCC

The competence of an SSCC relates to the quality of academic provision in the relevant school or institute. This is primarily concerned with curriculum, teaching and learning, but also, and no less importantly, with associated matters and activities within a school such as guidance, resources, feedback and accommodation.

  • At each meeting, any relevant matters, which may have arisen since the previous meeting, will be reported.
  • Attendance by members is expected.
  • Minutes of all meetings will be kept, distributed to members and posted on the web.