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Current and graduate students of the BSc(Hons) Trauma Studies have included the following quotes.

‘I work as a counsellor with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and rape.  Clients also present with troubles related trauma, poverty, deprivation, addiction, emotional and physical abuse.  To facilitate client work, I felt I needed a more comprehensive knowledge of psychological trauma and a comprehensive framework for working with traumatised clients.  I enrolled in the Diploma in Trauma Study class in September 2007 and have found the learning on the course invaluable. I feel that this has improved my practice and helped me give clients the service they need and deserve.  I would recommend the course to any counsellor and hope that they gain as much from it as I have.’

Pauline Deazley (BSc (Hons) Trauma Studies student)


‘It was apparent to me that caring about people and experiencing trauma was not enough to provide the level of care necessary to meet their needs, so I embarked on the trauma studies diploma, here at Queens University. This wetted my appetite to learn even more about the effects of trauma and provided me with the pathway onto the Trauma studies degree that I successfully completed last year.  Combined these studies give me the knowledge and confidence to develop skills that would enhance my daily service provision to those I serve by providing me with a deeper understanding of the complex issues being presented and knowledge as to how I could best meet those needs. This learning was underpinned and reinforced by International, National and local literature and research and in person by renowned speakers, authoritative on the subjects. This degree is up to date, topical and relevant today. You will be well supported by both Queen’s staff and Wave trauma training.  Personally, I’m pleased that I have completed a degree that is useful to me in my work with people bereaved, injured or traumatised as a result of the troubles and I am proud of achieving what I deem to be a prestigious degree from Queen’s University, Belfast’.

Gordon Buchanan (BSc (Hons) Trauma Studies graduate)


I had been looking for a trauma course as it was so relevant to my work, both as a psychiatric and general nurse.  I was very fortunate to do the Diploma in trauma studies with Queens and Wave. It was challenging, hard work and exceptionally rewarding.  I know I have become a more skilled and competent practitioner.  I can recognise and deal with trauma and its sequalae with confidence.  The diploma only whetted my appetite for more and I am presently doing the degree in trauma studies. I have benefitted professionally, personally and academically and strongly recommend these courses to all nurses and anyone dealing with trauma.

 Isabel Stewart (BSc (Hons) Trauma Studies graduate)