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Cancer Nursing, Supportive and Palliative Care

Further Information

The following are examples of the projects that members of the Cancer Nursing, Supportive and Palliative Care research theme are involved in:

Cachexia / fatigue subgroup

  •  A study exploring healthcare professionals’ perceived needs of advanced cancer patients with cachexia, DEL studentship, Joanne Reid, Sam Porter

  •   Cochrane review: Thalidomide for cancer cachexia. Joanne Reid

Children’s subgroup

  •    Exploratory study of palliative and terminal care for children and their families: parents’ and healthcare professionals’ perspectives, Sandra Ryan Fellowship, Jayne Pryce, Joanne Jordan, Jackie Parkes and Lindsey Prior (S,SP&SW)

  • A multi-methods approach examining the impact of infant cancerous brain neoplasm on family functioning DEL PhD studentship, Joanne Reid and Mark Linden.

Survivorship subgroup

  •  Systematic literature review on breast cancer survivorship, Marie Glackin

  • R&D office application submitted – Miconazole buccal tablets or Fluconazole oral tablets for the treatment of Oropharyngeal Candidiasis (OC) in patients with cancer: a randomised controlled trial (the MOFOC Trial), Peter O’Halloran, Joanne Reid, Sam Porter and Mary Frances McMullin (M,D&BS)

  •  A retrospective activity analysis of a novel nurse led chemotherapy telephone helpline service, Martha McMenamin Scholarship Joanne Reid and Sam Porter

End of Life subgroup

  •   Using Realistic Evaluation to identify factors affecting the successful implementation and sustainability of the Liverpool Care Pathway for the dying patient (CHI studentship) Sam Porter,  Pete O’Halloran and Michael Donnelly (Public Health)

  •   R&D Fellowship application submitted - Palliative care needs of the Chinese community, Sam Porter and Joanne Reid.

  •    Co-applicants (with TCD, UCD, UU, UL, and palliative care service providers on bid for All-Ireland Hospice and Palliative Care Institute.


Sam Porter

Chair in Nursing Research

Joanne Reid

Lecturer in Cancer Nursing

Peter O’Halloran

Lecturer in Nursing

Ann Begley

Lecturer in Nursing

Marie Glackin

Teaching Fellow

Bill Scott

Teaching Fellow

Kathryn Rogers

Teaching Fellow

Lesley Rutherford

Nurse Consultant

Jayne Price

Sandra Ryan Research Fellow

Claire Millar

PhD student

Anita d’Urso

PhD student

Tracey Hunter

PhD student