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About the Music in Mind Research Study


Music in Mind is a research study. Research is a way in which we try to find out answers to important questions.

Music in Mind is trying to find out the answer to an important question. The question is –

Does music therapy help young people who go to children and young people’s services?


We need to find out the answer to this question so doctors can decide if music therapy is worthwhile.

We hope the following section will answer some of your questions.

You can phone us if you need to on 02890976557.


How do I take part in Music in Mind?

What if  I decide I don't want to take part?

 What do I have to do if I want to take part?

 Will I get to attend Music Therapy?

 What happens if I agree to take part but don’t get to see the music therapist?

 What happens if I agree to take part but later change my mind?

 What happens to all my answers in the questionnaires?

 Will you tell people what I say?

 Will you tell my parents what I say?

 What happens if I take part and something annoys or upsets me?