Stand Alone Modules

Stand alone modules

A Stand Alone Module is normally 3 hours’ contact time per week for 12 weeks, which is then formally assessed. Students who successfully complete a Stand Alone Module may be eligible for entry to our degree programmes.

Module Aim

Stand Alone modules give the applicant an opportunity to:
• Return to study
• Update in a new field of practice
• Further develop knowledge and skills in the current area of practice
On successful completion of the module the participant will be awarded CATs points, which may count towards another award.  Students may access a number of Stand Alone modules offered within a variety of nursing programmes. The modules may stipulate that participants must be working in a relevant clinical environment. Stand Alone modules are available at Degree Level (Level 3).

Module Outline

Each Stand Alone Module is worth 20 CATs points. Where a clinical skills component is included, there may be a requirement for support and supervision of an experienced practitioner within the student’s clinical area.  We do offer a limited selection of Level 2 modules, which are designed specifically to prepare you for degree level study. Nurses and midwives who completed their training before 1991 (excluding Project 2000 students) may be interested in taking some or all of these courses. These do not, however, contribute to a BSc (Hons) in Health Studies award.
Please note that courses are subject to a minimum registration, so it may not be possible to run all courses each year.


A Stand Alone Module must be completed within one academic semester.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must normally hold a professional qualification. Note: Some modules require a specific professional qualification.  Candidates must have 120 CATs points at Level 1 and 120 CATs points at Level 2 for entry to Level 3 study. Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements should contact the School for advice.

How to apply

Applications are now closed for 2017/18 entry. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for 2018 entry please email your details to: 


Available modules:


Level 2

  • Introduction to Counselling NUR2033
  • The Nature of Research NUR2002
  • Ultrasound Scanning for Midwives MID2068* (double module, 40 credits)

* These modules may have restrictions


Level 3

  • Administration of Systemic Anti-cancer Therapies HSN3016*
  • Assessment & Advanced Communication SPR3070
  • Breast and Cervical Screening for Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors MID3036
  • Fundamentals of CBT HSN3026
  • Health Assessment NMP3002
  • Health Promotion in Clinical Practice MID3072
  • Leading & Facilitating SPR3041
  • Lower Limb Ulceration & Associated Conditions HSN3014
  • Managing Patient Deterioration HSN3001
  • Midwifery Examination of the Newborn (Semester 2 only) MID3077
  • Palliative and End of Life Care NUR3007
  • Physiology: Homeostasis in Acute & Critical Heathcare NRS3008
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention & Management NRS3072
  • Principles of Critical Care in Midwifery MID3068
  • Radiotherapy: Nursing Care HSN3005*
  • Research Development in Clinical Practice SPN3001
  • Theory for the Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexual Health HSN3148
  • Therapeutic Interventions: Communicating with People who have Dementia HSN3033
  • Tissue Repair & Regeneration HSN3013
  • Ultrasound Scanning MID3076*

* Students accessing these modules must be working in the relevant clinical area.


Level 7 (these modules are only available to students enrolled for a Masters or PG Dip programme)

  • Applied Research Methods NUR7002
  • Assessment & Advanced Communication SPR7067
  • Biomedical Aspects of Cancer SPR7042
  • Dimensions of Practice (Oncology) SPR7044
  • Health Assessment NMP7002
  • Independent Study Module NUR7008
  • Law for Health Care Professionals HSN7013
  • Leading & Facilitating SPR7041
  • Nursing Care of the Older Person SPR7056
  • Qualitative Research NUR7010
  • Rehabilitation and Care of the Older Person SPR7057
  • Successful Leading for Health and Social Care Professionals HSN7032
  • The Basis of Therapeutic Practice SPR7043