Mei Zhou

Dr. Mei Zhou - Senior Lecturer

My research has been focussed on the identification and functionality study of bioactive peptides from natural source, especially the venom secretions of frogs, toads, scorpions and snakes etc., for the purpose of discovery of drug leads. Recently promoted to Senior Lecturer in Education, I am privileged to continue working with the large group of international postgraduate students in the Natural Drug Discovery Group, providing supervision and passing my knowledge from over ten years of research to them.  It is always a delight to hear from our graduates how much their time in Belfast has benefitted them both in their career and personal life.

Being an international staff member myself, I am deeply grateful to have experienced enormous friendliness, help and support from colleagues across the School. With my husband joining me in Northern Ireland in the near future, I am assured the very strong possibility of achieving a healthy work-life balance, by my previous experience of the tremendous support from the School as well as the very positive testimonies of multiple female academic colleagues.