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MPhil in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Unit title: MPhil programme in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Programme co-ordinators: Professors Walker & Shaw & Drs Chen & Zhou

Purpose: To offer a one-year research masters programme in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, to be run through the School of Pharmacy, in collaboration with the University of Fuzhou, PRC

Duration: 1 Academic year

Proposed start date: September each year

Projected numbers of students: 12 each year

Entrance requirements: BSc Honours or equivalent

Course description: Each student will undertake a research project on a topic that is directly relevant to the on-going research activities of the programme co-ordinators. The results of the research project will be presented in the form of a thesis that will be examined by an external assessor. The programme is designed to give students an understanding of the core science and technology bases that underpin the development of protein, peptide and small molecule pharmaceuticals and methods of drug delivery. The students will receive training in modern methods of peptide isolation and characterisation, recombinant protein expression, molecular biology, drug design and several aspects of molecular pharmacology including receptor and enzyme assays. In addition, they will receive a formal training in general research methods. The practical component of the programme will be complemented by formal lectures and tutorials.

Further information is available by email:

Current MPhil students