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Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical pharmacy at QUB
  • PG Cert - 12 months
  • PG Diploma - 24 months
  • MSc - 36 months

Click here to download the 2014-15 Clinical Pharmacy course brochure

Our clinical pharmacy programme has been designed for hospital pharmacists who wish to specialise in clinical pharmacy within the hospital sector. The course has been developed in collaboration with leading clinical pharmacists and hospital pharmacy managers in Northern Ireland and the learning materials are authored and reviewed by clinical pharmacists and academic staff from the university.

This is a part-time distance learning programme - no attendence is required at the university.

Students based in Northern Ireland may be eligible for 50% funding of fees via NICPLD

Clinical pharmacy modules *

Year 1 (PG Certificate):

Pharmaceutical Care (20 credits)

Medicines Governance (10 credits)

Clinical Laboratory Tests (10 credits)

Infection & Antimicrobials (10 credits)

Pain Management (10 credits)

Year 2 (PG Diploma):

Evidence-based Medicine (10 credits)

Research in clinical pharmacy or self-directed study (10 credits)

Therapeutics for clinical pharmacists 1&2 (40 credits)

Year 3 (Master's):

Research project (60 credits)

* Students with previous relevant qualifications may be able to apply for credit transfer. (Click for more information)

Apply now for September 2014 entry:

Applicants must have a primary degree in pharmacy from a university recognised by Queen's University Belfast and must be employed as a hospital pharmacist. Students are required to identify a Local Mentor who they can meet with on a weekly basis and who can facilitate access to patients and their medical notes. Local Mentors will be paid an honorarium by QUB for their assistance during the PG Certificate and PG Diploma stages. Please seek approval from your employer before submitting an application.

Click here to apply for September 2014 entry ** Applications for this programme will close on the 31st July **

For further information, please contact the Course Director, Dr. Brian McCaw (