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Studying at the School

The four year MPharm degree course comprises four broad subjects:

The origin and chemistry of drugs
The synthesis and isolation of drugs, their physical and chemical properties, and methods of analysis are considered in relation to biological activity. Emphasis is placed on the study of synthetic (man-made) drugs, though drugs from natural sources, usually plants, are also studied.

The preparation of medicines
Most drugs have to be combined (or 'formulated') with other substances to produce a medicine, such as a tablet, capsule, ointment or injection. This is so that the drug can arrive at the target site in the body at the right time and in the right concentration for the desired effect. This unique part of the course (called 'Pharmaceutics') is concerned with the study of formulation of drugs into medicines.

The action and uses of drugs and medicines
This part of the course incorporates and integrates aspects of physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology (study of disease) and pharmacology (study of the action of drugs on the body). It progresses in the third and fourth years of the course to the clinical use of medicines in patients.

Pharmacy Practice
This covers the medicines supply and advisory roles required of the pharmacist, including the laws and standards applying to pharmacy. Attention is also paid to preparing the future pharmacist for responding to symptoms of illness; promoting healthy lifestyles; and advising nurses, doctors, other carers and patients on all aspects of medicines.

Modules / Units of the MPharm degree course at Queen's

Level 1 Modules
Pharmaceutics (PMY1001)
Physiology 1 (PMY1011)
Physiology 2 (PLY1002)
Medicines from Concept to Clinic (PMY1003)
Introduction to Pharmacy Practice Skills (PMY1014)
Physical Pharmaceutics (PMY1015)
Organic Chemistry (CHM1004)

Level 2 Modules
Medicinal Substances: Characterisation and Quantification (PMY2001)
Medicinal Substances: Structure and Function (PMY2002)
Principles of Drug Action 1 (PMY2004)

Principles of Drug Action 2 (PMY2005)
Pharmaceutical Technology (PMY2006)

Level 3 Modules

Drug Delivery (PMY3081)
Applied Clinical Pharmacy 1 (PMY 3073)
Legislation (PMY3069)
Pharmacotherapy 1 (PMY3074)
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (PMY3072)
Pharmacotherapy 2 (PMY3075)
Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis, Drug Design (PMY3082)
Pharmacy Practice 1 (PMY3064)



Level 4 Modules

Pharmacist Prescribing (PMY4071)
Responding to Symptoms (PMY4003)
Social and Behavioural Pharmacy 2 (PMY4070)
Business, Government & Industry (PMY4002)
Project (PMY4005)
Infectious Diseases (PMY4073)
Pharmacotherapy 3 (PMY4007)