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Molecular Therapeutics

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Welcome to the web pages for the Molecular Therapeutics Research Cluster. Our research focuses on the validation of drug targets and the development of experimental therapeutic agents.  Principle Investigator groups within the cluster bring together a broad expertise in molecular and cellular biology, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry and peptide proteomics.  This provides the basis for four  key themes of research with the cluster:


Research within the cluster is sponsored by the major UK Research Councils, MRC, EPSRC and BBSRC. Additionally, we are also funded by major charities such as Cancer Research UK, Breast Cancer Campaign and the Prostate Cancer Charity.

In addition to our basic research, the cluster has a strong track record in the commercialisation of our work. Intellectual property arising has been out-licensed to industry for the development of both diagnostics and therapeutics.

Details of our research are contained within the summaries to each theme. Additional information and exemplar publications  may also be found on individual staff pages.






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Professor Chris Scott
Director of Research