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Pharm. Science and Practice

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Welcome to the web pages for the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Practice cluster. Our research ranges from basic and applied pharmaceutical sciences  to the development of new health care models that can be implemented in a variety of settings.  Principal Investigators within the cluster bring together a broad expertise in bioactive biomaterials, advanced drug delivery systems, clinical pharmacy and applied clinical microbiology, and health services research pertinent to pharmacy and primary care.   This provides the basis for four key themes of research within the cluster:


Research within the cluster is sponsored by the major UK research councils, including the MRC, EPSRC and BBSRC, as well as international funders such as the NIH, the Gates Foundation and European Framework programmes.  Additionally, we have also funding from major charities such as the Wellcome Trust, Cystic Fibrosis Trust and the Alzheimer’s Society.

The cluster has a strong track record in the commercialisation of our work and working closely with health policy and clinical colleagues to produce research that has direct applications to clinical care.

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Prof Carmel Hughes
Director of Research