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Postgraduate Positions

Postgraduate Positions

Applications for entry in 2017 are now welcome.

DfE Studentships are now available as part of the MATCH Pioneer Research Programme administered through the School of Pharmacy for entry in 2017. The closing date for applications is January 6th 2017. Interviews for these studentships will take place on the week commencing 23rd January 2017.

 In order to find out more about individual projects, follow the link below via the project title in which you are interested. Applications must be made using the online application portal. Applicants should have a 1st or 2.1 honours degree (or equivalent) in a relevant subject. Relevant subjects include Pharmacy, Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biochemistry, Biological/Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering or a closely related discipline. Students who have a 2.2 honours degree and a Master’s degree may also be considered, but the School reserves the right to shortlist for interview only those applicants who have demonstrated high academic attainment to date. Students are advised to apply for more than one project in their area of research interest. Candidates must fulfil the eligibility criteria set out by DfE which can be found at this link:


Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacture of Lipid-based Nano-particulate Drug Delivery Systems - Prof G Andrews, Prof D Jones, Prof C Scott and Prof S Bell

Identification of novel polymeric nanoparticle formulations with favourable characteristics for future therapeutic development - Dr J Burrows and Dr E Themistou

Nanomaterial-Based Artificial Enzyme for Determination of Food Contaminants - Dr C Cao, Dr P Nockemann and Prof S Bell

Biocompatibility and cellular response to laser-treated metallic implants - Dr L Carson and Dr C Chan

Enhancing osteoclast-mediated resorption of ceramic biomaterials using surface grafted peptides - Dr S Clarke, Prof B Gilmore and Prof F Buchanan

Maximising the radiation effect of gold nanoparticles through manipulation of particle shape and surface chemistry - Dr J Coulter and Prof S Bell

Nanoengineered microneedle arrays for enhanced therapy of basal cell carcinoma - Prof R Donnelly, Prof S Bell and Dr J Coulter

Smart Polymeric Materials for Biofilm Sensing and Control - Prof B Gilmore and Prof A Mills

Rapid detection of bacteria and antimicrobial resistance markers in chronic lung infection - Dr D Gilpin, Prof M Tunney, Dr D Fairley and Prof P Coyle

Sustained Release of Eutectic systems composed of Local Anaesthetics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent from biodegradable Hot Melt Extrudates to Enhance Post-Surgical Recovery - Prof D Jones and Prof G Andrews

Development of nasally delivered therapeutic vaccine for future therapies - Dr V Kett and Dr H McCarthy

3D printed peptide loaded biomaterials as tailored osteo-regenerative bone implants - Dr G Laverty, Dr P Boyd and Dr E Cunningham

'Two birds, one stone': an innovative multipurpose strategy for HIV prevention - Prof K Malcolm, Prof B Gilmore and Dr P Boyd

Multifunctional Nanomedicines for the Targeted Treatment of Bone Metastases - Dr H McCarthy and Prof C McCoy

Simultaneous sensing and self-regulating treatment of infection in biomaterials - Prof C McCoy, Prof S Bell, Prof T Gunnlaugsson and Dr N Irwin

Antimicrobial prescribing in hospice and palliative care - Dr C Parsons and Dr D Gilpin

Understanding the metabolic profile of nanoparticulate associated toxicity - Prof C Scott, Dr R Burden and Prof C Elliott

Intravitreal drug distribution from novel in situ forming injectable implants - Dr R Thakur, Prof A Stit and Dr G Abdel

Computer simulations of hydrogels to improve drug delivery - Dr I Tikhonova, Prof R Donnelly and Dr G Laverty

Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) for rapid detection of lung infection in patients with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) - Prof M Tunney and Prof S Bell



The following projects are guaranteed to receive funding: - 

Identification of novel biomarkers and therapeutic strategies in Triple Negative Breast Cancer - Dr N Buckley and Dr H McCarthy

Development of functional hydrogels for prolonged drug delivery - Dr E Larraneta and Prof R Donnelly

Mechanochemical Preparation of Multi-Component Pharmaceutical Materials for Enhanced Physiochemical Properties - Dr S Li and Prof G Andrews

The application of systematic approach to End-to-End continuous manufacturing of pharmaceutical solid dosage forms - Dr Y Tian and Prof G Andrews