Postgraduate Positions

Funded PhD Positions available for 2019/20

In order to find out more about individual projects, follow the link below via the project title in which you are interested.  Applications must be made using the online application portal.  Applicants should have a 1st or 2.1 honours degree (or equivalent) in a relevant subject. Relevant subjects include Pharmacy, Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biochemistry, Biological/Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering or a closely related discipline. 



The below projects are fully funded positions.  Tuition Fees to be covered and a stipend for UK residents only (living expenses) currently £14777 per annum.

Closing date for all applications is 7th January 2019 with interviews being scheduled for February 2019.


Dr Dimitrios Lamprou and Professor Ryan Donnelly - Novel Delivery Systems for Transdermal and Intradermal Drug Delivery

Dr Katharina Edkins - Molecular interactions in solution for multi-component crystallisation

Dr Wafa Al-Jamal and Professor Colin McCoy - Theranostics Targeting Cancer Stem Cells

Professor Ryan Donnelly - Microneedle Delivery Systems: Addressing Global Challenges in Health



The below positions do not have guaranteed funding.  Funding will be allocated to successful applicants rather, than project.  Successful applicant will receive tuition fees(UK/EU) paid and a stipend (for UK residents only).

Closing date for all applications is 7th January 2019 with interviews being scheduled for February 2019.


Dr Vicky Kett and Professor Michael Tunney - Liposomol delivery of antibiotics for treatment of pulmonary infection

Professor Michael Tunney and Dr Murali Shyamsundar (Centre for Experimental Science, SMDBS) - Influence of smoking and vaping on the lung microbiome in surgical patients

Dr Deirdre Gilpin and Professor Michael Tunney - Investigating the impact of electronic cigarette vapour on respiratory microbiota and inflammation

Dr Eneko Larrañeta - Stimuli-responsible implantable drug delivery systems based on nanocomposites produced by additive manufacturing

Dr Fiona Furlong - Molecularly imprinted polymers for selective capture and sensing of cancer biomarkers

Dr Garry Laverty and Professor Karl Malcolm - Peptide hydrogels as a long-acting multipurpose drug delivery platform for combined contraception and HIV prevention

Dr Heather Barry and Professor Carmel Hughes - Optimising use of anticholinergic drugs by people with dementia in primary care

Dr Irina Tikhonova and Dr Garry Laverty - Rational design of novel peptide hydrogels for drug delivery

Dr James Burrows and Professor Brendan Gilmore - Identifying drug targets to combat Acinetobacter baumannii infections?

Dr Jonathan Coulter - ENERGY - Enhanced Nanoparticles Engineered fRom Gold for multi-modal therapY

Dr Louise Carson - Surface Treatment for Improved Performance of Implantable Medical Devices

Dr Niamh Buckley and Professor Helen McCarthy - IGNITE: IGnifying Tumours: Nanotechnology for Immune Oncology TargEts

Dr Raj Thakur - Implantable device for on-demand and controlled drug delivery to the eye  

Professor Brendan Gilmore - Controlling Bacterial Biofilms with Cold Plasma

Professor Colin McCoy and Dr Nicola Irwin - Multi-mode responsive biomaterials resistant to infection