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Research Ethics

Under the University's Ethics Approval requirements, all research involving human subjects must receive approval from the appropriate School Ethics Committee. The School of Pharmacy Ethics Committee has developed a Proforma, which should be completed by all students and staff undertaking such research. When completed, the form should be submitted to the School Manager ( for approval by the Committee. Applicants will be notified of the outcome.

All researchers should carefully note that it is the responsibility of the researcher (student or staff member) to address any ethical issues (even if there are none), complete and sign the proforma and submit it to the School of Pharmacy Ethics Committee for review.


Download proforma


Useful links:

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University Regulations & Policies

  • Regulations relating to research involving human participants
  • Policy on the Ethical Approval of Research
  • Regulations Governing the Allegation and Investigation of Misconduct in Research
  • Animal Use Policy

Investigator’s Checklist (Gov 2 Form)

Peer Review (Gov1 & Gov 4 Forms)

  • Basic application for peer review form (Gov 1)
  • Full application for peer review form (Gov 4)

Request for Sponsorship (Gov 3 Form)