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Injection Moudling Laboratory

The injection molding laboratory comes fully equipped with start-of-the-art injection molding equipemnt for manufacture of medical and drug delivery devices.


Babyplast 2 Babyplast 1

Babyplast 6/10P micro-moulding machine with 6.25 t clamping force. This hydraulic powered injection moulder is capable of producing the range of vaginal ring devices in LSR and thermoplastic materials in small batches, and under true pilot manufacturing conditions. Due to the versatility of this machine it is envisaged that it will be used for the main development of new prototype ring devices. 


Morgan Press

Morgan Press - thermoplastic injection moulding equipment.  Pneumatic powered machine used for producing thermoplastic spring cores as part of the SILCS diaphragm. It is also suitable for producing macaque thermoplastic vaginal rings. 


Arburg1  Arburg2 Arburg3  

Arburg 125V vertical injection moulding machine - capable of injection moulding LSR and thermoplastic materials. 12.5 t capacity used for manufacturing LSR vaginal rings and thermoplastic vaginal rings. When coupled with the E4-5M LSR dosing unit this machine is capable of working with 36kg pails of LSR continuously giving a production capacity in the thousands of samples.  It has been used to produce rings for IPMs combinational ring stability study.



BOY 22AVV 22t vertical LSR injection moulding machine - an industrial-scale 22t machine designed to overmould thermoplastic inserts with LSR. This machine will permit laboratory-scale manufacture of fully-assembled microbicide-loaded SILCS diaphragms at QUB by overmoulding drug-loaded springs with a silicone sheath.


Minilab1  Minilab2

Thermo Haake Minilab - lab-scale thermoplastic compounder. 


Thermo Hakke MiniJet - lab-scale thermoplastic injection moulding machine. Pneumatic powered machine for producing a number of analytical samples such as flat plates and rods


Fluid Automation E4-5M Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) dosing unit - 


Charles Ross 3 roll-mill


LACO vacuum degasser, with carbon filters for removal of volatile vapours


Binder, ICH condition stability cabinets (x3) - used for stability testing of pharmaceutical products -