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Thermal Analysis Laboratory

The Thermal Analysis Laboratory is a central resource within the School of Pharmacy comprising the following items of equipment.

Equipment Manufacturer Model
DSC1 TA Instruments 2920
DSC1 Perkin Elmer 4000
DSC1 Perkin Elmer 8000
DSC1  TA Instruments  Q100
DMA2 Tritec 2000
DMA2 TA Instruments 2980
DMA2 TA Instruments Q800
DEA3 TA Instruments  2970 
Dynamic Vapor Sorption SMS M
Freeze Dryer (x3) Virtis Advantage
Spray Dryer  Buchi  190
TGA4 TA Instruments Q500 
Thermal Activity Monitor Thermometric  2277 


1 DSC - Differential Scanning Calorimeter

2 DMA - Dynamic Mechanical Analyser

3 DEA - Dielectric Analyser 

4 TGA - Thermogravimetric Analyser