Drug Delivery and Biomaterials

Development of materials which interface with the body and provide enhanced functionality, such as drug delivery, infect

a. Photoactive Biomaterials

Research activities are focussed on materials which can resist a wide range of microbial pathogens using in situ generation of reactive oxygen species from the surfaces of materials.

Professor Colin McCoy

Professor David Jones



b. Polymeric Medical Devices

Research activities focus on (i) the development of new methods of fabrication of materials suitable for construction of medical devices and (ii) enhancement of the function of devices through new methods of polymer synthesis, supramolecular assembly, surface modification, drug eluting materials and minimising adverse host responses to materials.

Professor Colin McCoy

Professor Gavin Andrews

Professor Brendan Gilmore

Dr Garry Laverty

Dr Louise Carson

Dr Nicola Irwin



c. Sensor Development

Sensors research in the School focuses on novel methods for obtaining and analysing small volumes of blood, as well as blood-free diagnosis/patient monitoring using microneedles and developing point-of-care tests for microbial infection.

Professor Colin McCoy

Professor Ryan Donnelly

Professor David Jones

Professor Michael Tunney

Dr Deirdre Gilpin