Healthcare Delivery and Medicines Optimisation

Development of interventions that improve the health outcomes of patients in primary and secondary care

a. Systems of Healthcare Delivery

Research activities are focused on improving systems of patient care, for example, the implementation of pharmacy-run medicines management clinics, the use of medicines optimisation approaches and connected health programmes.


Professor James McElnay



b. Quality of Care in Vulnerable Populations

Research activities are focused on the nursing and residential home setting, but also extend to primary care, particularly in general practice and community pharmacy. Cross-sectional, epidemiological and qualitative work focus on the appropriateness of prescribing in chronic disease and evaluation of patterns of prescribing in care home residents with dementia as they approach end of life.


Professor Carmel Hughes

Dr Carole Parsons

Dr Heather Barry 


c. Clinical paediatrics

Research activities are focused on medication adherence in children using a range of direct adherence assessment tools, including remote direct observation of therapy and dried blood spot (DBS) sampling, linked with pharmacokinetic modelling. 


Professor JamesMcElnay