Nanomedicine and Biotherapeutics

Development of novel technologies and targeted therapies for advanced healthcare solutions.

a. Anticancer therapeutics

Research activities are focussed on a greater understanding of the molecular interactions and development of unique genetic therapies that can be applied for the detection and treatment of highly aggressive metastatic disease. Click on the links below for more information: 

Professor Helen McCarthy

Dr Fiona Furlong

Dr Jonathan Coulter

Dr Irina Tikhonova

Dr Niamh Buckley

Dr Wafa Al-Jamal


b. Nano-delivery of macromolecules

Research activities are focussed on the design and synthesis of nanotechnologies as local and systemic delivery systems for DNA, RNAi, miRNA, and Au nanoparticle therapies.

Professor Helen McCarthy

Dr Jonathan Coulter

Dr Wafa Al-Jamal


c. Proteases in Disease

Research activities are focussed on the development of novel strategies for the detection, characterisation and inhibition of proteases implicated in chronic diseases including respiratory, cardiovascular, cancer and infection with an emphasis on ion channel modulation, inflammatory microenvironments and immune signalling.

Professor Lorraine Martin

Dr James Burrows

Dr Roberta Burden


d. Natural Peptides

Research activities are focussed on the isolation and characterisation of bioactive peptides derived from animal venoms in order to discover novel antimicrobial, anticancer, antidiabetic, antihypertensive and immunostimulating therapeutic agents.

Dr Tianbao Chen

Dr Mei Zhou

Dr Lei Wang