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Prof McCarthy’s research team are dedicated to the development of non-viral delivery systems for nanomedicine applications.

These delivery systems are designed to overcome the extra and intracellular biological barriers, so that the macromolecular payload can be delivered at the destination site in order to exert the optimal therapeutic effect.

The objective of the activity is in the design and synthesis of nanotechnologies as local and systemic delivery systems for DNA, RNAi, miRNA, and Au nanoparticle therapies.

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Open to PhD applications in the field of nano-drug delivery, biopharmaceutics, vaccine technology, repurposing of phosphate-based drugs, nucleic acid therapies and bone repair

  • Development of nanomedicines for cancer
  • Design of non-viral delivery systems
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Research students

PhD Title: The development of a nanomedicine for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme

Name: Lynn Jena
Years of Study: 2016-2019
Country: Northern Ireland

PhD Title: Combination based Nano-therapy for the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

Name: Afra Daoud
Years of Study: 2016-2019
Country: Jordan


PhD Title: The development of a multi-functional loaded thermo-sensitive hydrogel for the treatment of bone metastases

Name: Marine Chalanqui
Years of Study: 2014-2018
Country: France

Alumni: where are they now?

Dr Ashley Massey

PhD Title: Novel Multifunctional Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Years of Study: 2010-2013
Country: Northern Ireland
Current position: QA Scientist at Almac

Dr John McBride

PhD Title: A bio-inspired gene therapy approach to treat metastatic prostate cancer

Years of Study: 2010-2014
Country: Northern Ireland
Current position: Research Fellow at Queen's University Belfast

Dr Philip Chambers

PhD Title: 

Years of Study: 2014-2017
Country: Northern Ireland
Current position: Research Fellow at QUB

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