Pharmaceutical Materials Science and Formulation

Design, development and industrial translation of novel systems for patient-focused administration of difficult-to-deliv

a. HIV Prevention and Multipurpose Prevention Technologies

Research activities are focused on the design, laboratory-scale manufacturing and testing of sustained release and controlled release drug formulations to address major global issues around sexual and reproductive health.

Professor Karl Malcolm

Dr Peter Boyd

Dr Vicky Kett

Professor Gavin Andrews


b. Solid Dosage Forms

Research activities are focussed on the application of fluidised hot melt granulation and polymer extrusion/injection moulding technologies to produce solid dosage forms, multi-layered and targeted drug delivery systems, dosage systems for the delivery of poorly soluble therapeutic agents, molecular recognition and pre-formulation in and leading to the solid state.

Professor Gavin Andrews

Professor David Jones

Dr Shu Li

Dr Yiwei Tian

Dr Katharina Edkins


c. Microneedles

Research activities are focused on:

  • Transdermal delivery of high drug doses
  • Intradermal administration of long-acting therapies
  • Minimally-invasive patient monitoring/diagnosis
  • Risk-free vaccination
  • Ocular drug delivery


Professor Ryan Donnelly

Dr Thakur R. R. Singh

Dr Eneko Larraneta