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Dr Dimitrios A. Lamprou is Reader in Pharmaceutical Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast


Dr Lamprou’s work focuses on Pharmaceutical Technology & Engineering, and with several laboratories, which are fitted with modern equipment his Research Group offers an excellent environment for research. This is a Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Research Group with outstanding scientists from across the world with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, engineering, pharmacy, and physics among others. His Group Research Interests are focused on five distinct areas: Biosurface Engineering, Electrospinning, Microfluidics, Nanoanalysis, and Printing of Medicines.

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Dr Lamprou is always looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated, and talented people who may be interested to study in his laboratory. If you have already secured or would like to apply for your own funding or you are Self-Funded, please contact Dr Lamprou.

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Research Students

PhD Title: Process and Product Understanding of Rapid and Continuous Wet Granulation

Name: Miss Carlota Mendez Torrecillas

Years of Study: 2014-2018

Country: Spain

PhD Title: Metrology for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Understanding activity from surface sub-microscale chemistry

Name: Miss Eleonora Paladino

Years of study: 2015-2019

Country: Italy

Alumni: where are they now?

Dr Ivan Hall Barrientos

PhD title: A Tissue-Engineered Approach to Hernia Repair

Years of Study: 2014-2018

Country: UK

Current position: Research Assistant at University of Strathclyde 

Dr Laura Martinez Marcos

PhD title: Influence Development and control of pharmaceutical solids using extrusion and granulation

Years of Study: 2012-2016

Country: Spain

Current position: GlaxoSmithKline plc, UK.

Dr Scott Davidson

PhD Title: Bio-inspired silica: development for drug delivery applications and biocompatibility

Years of Study: 2012-2016

Country: Scotland

Current Position: Research Assistant at University of Strathclyde 


Public Outreach

University of Kent

Research could signal safer generation of mesh implants

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BBC News

Frog foam could deliver drug therapy to burns patients

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Science Daily

Nanomedicines' impact on patients under the microscope

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