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Liberty Leading the People




a l s p


association for legal and social philosophy




Annual Conference 2012


June 25-27



Plenary Speakers


Richard Bellamy (UCL)


Philip Pettit (Princeton)


Freedom as non-domination; Two concepts of liberty?; The relationship between personal and political autonomy; Individual and collective agency; Freedom of expression; Individual liberty and democratic politics; Recognition and the conditions of agency; The concept of a free society; Freedom and equality; Freedom of association; Political and economic freedoms; Autonomy in the workplace/workplace democracy; Institutionalizing political freedom


Paper and panel proposals on any aspect of contemporary legal, social, moral, and political philosophy/theory are welcomed but preference will be given to those explicitly addressing the conference theme.

Please send paper/panel proposals, including a title and a short abstract, to by February 1st 2012.

Conference Organizers:

Keith Breen & Cillian McBride