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PISP and Brazil

Promoting student mobility and research links with universities in Brazil

In May 2011, Dr Cathal McCall (School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy) and Dr Anthony Soares (School of Languages, Literatures and Performing Arts) formed part of a QUB delegation to Brazil. Their specific aim was to establish research and student mobility links in the area of conflict transformation. They held a series of meetings with colleagues at University of Sao Paulo (USP), PUC-Rio, and Federal University of Rio (FURJ), including Professor Sergio Adorno (Director of the Centre for Research on Violence, USP), Professor Professor João Nogueira, (then Director of the Institute of International Relations, PUC-Rio), and Professor Elisa P. Reis (FURJ).

The objectives were:

  1. To promote student and staff mobility between QUB and University of Sao Paulo (USP), PUC-Rio, and Federal University of Rio (FURJ); 
  2. To identify areas of research cooperation under the conflict transformation theme;
  3. To discuss the possibility of a series of one-day workshops on conflict, initially hosted by QUB, and involving academics and their PhD students from QUB, USP, PUC-Rio, and FURJ.

Specific areas of mutual interest include:

  • Police reform and conflict transformation
  • Cities and conflict
  • Borders and violence
  • Building a culture of human rights
  • Post-colonial research

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QUB-PUC workshop on Aspects of Conflict Transformation

The first QUB-PUC workshop on ‘Aspects of Conflict Transformation’ was hosted by the School of Politics International Studies and Philosophy and the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and Social Justice at Queen’s on 19th February 2014. Comparative themes explored included Security, Political and Cultural Institutions and Fragile States. Participants included Professor Paulo Esteves, Professor João Nogueira, Ms Renata Summa, and Ms Fernanda Barreto Alves from the Institute of International Relations, PUC, and Professor David Phinnemore, Dr Cathal McCall, Dr Neil Jarman, Dr Andrea Mayr, Mr Michael Potter, Dr Andrew Thomson and Dr Connal Parr from QUB. The workshop was declared a great success by participants, not least because it identified fruitful areas for future collaboration. To that end, Professor Paulo Esteves, Director of the Institute of International Relations, PUC, undertook to organise the second workshop at PUC in 2015.

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