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PISP and Georgetown

From conflict to peace

Andrew Charles, a Postgraduate research student in the school is presenting a paper at a conference called 'From conflict to peace' on  Friday, 9th September 2011,  at Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA on advancing peace in societies moving beyond conflict. It involves a comparison between Cyprus and N.I.

Andrews's research focuses on peace building in Northern Ireland and Cyprus. Focusing primarily on building peace after violence in N.I., he looks at the system of Government established by the Belfast Agreement in 1998 and the development of policy in order to tackle sectarianism; a by-product of conflict entrenched further through the use of physical force.

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Sabala Baskar's Research Experience in NI
Sabala Baskar with her hosts while in Belfast, Maria and Fearghal O'Loan, QUB alumni
Sabala Baskar with her hosts while in Belfast, Maria and Fearghal O'Loan, QUB alumni

Sabala Baskar, from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, came to QUB to further her research in post-conflict reconciliation. Her report, Forgive and Forget? A Comparative Study of Post-conflict Reconciliation, is available here.

Sabala's reflections on her experience researching in Queens, and Belfast

During the summer of 2009, I traveled to six countries around the world in order to study the process of post-conflict reconciliation.  My trip and research were funded by a grant from the Circumnavigators Club Foundation.  The last stop of my trip was Northern Ireland, where I interviewed journalists, politicians, and professors regarding their perceptions of how far the peace process has or has not moved since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.  While I had the opportunity to travel around the country conducting interviews, the bulk of my research was conducted at Queen’s University Belfast.  The following QUB faculty members provided me with immense insight into the various aspects of post-conflict reconciliation while I was in town: Dr. Tony Gallagher, Dr. Adrian Guelke, Dr. Dominic Bryan, Dr. Claire McGlynn, Dr. Sydney Elliott, and Dr. Richard English.  I am so thankful for all the assistance I received at QUB and I hope that the wonderful relationship between Georgetown University and Queen’s will continue to grow in the future.   


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August 2010 Update

Victoria Montgomery is exploring options for a short-term visiting position during the 2010-11 academic year with the conflict studies research group and the Berkley Centre for Religion, Peace and World Affairs. Craig Zielizer, Assistant Director of the Conflict Resolution Program and Lise Howard are providing valuable assistance to her in these plans.

Andrew Baker is working with colleagues the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to prepare a joint QUB/GU conference scheduled for Spring 2011. Further details will be available soon.

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Darren McCauley visiting fellowship at Georgetown

Darren McCauley held a two month visiting fellowship at the BMW Institute for German and European Studies at Georgetown during July and August 2010. He was sponsored by the School to complete research into the politics of nuclear power in the US as part of a broader comparative study including France, the UK and Canada. This preliminary research is to be presented at an ESRC sponsored workshop later this year. Dr. McCauley enjoyed a collegial atmosphere in his dealings with staff from both the BMW Institute and the Department of Government. He would particularly like to thank the Department of Government for setting up the presentation of two research papers via video link to Europe.

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Yvonne Galligan visited Georgetown University in February 2010
Yvonne Galligan visited the Government Department of Georgetown University in February 2010, narrowly avoiding the blizzard that shut Washington for three days! She delivered a lecture “Gender Democracy in the European Union” to faculty and research students, and made wide-ranging contacts with members of the Government Department and the School of Foreign Service, among others. Her visit was hosted by Professor George Shambaugh on behalf of the Department. On her return to QUB, Professor Galligan reported on the various opportunities available for staff and student exchanges between the Government Department and the School. She extends sincere thanks to all faculty and staff for their warm and generous hospitality during her visit.

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