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Staff in the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy at QUB are involved in editing a number of high profile internationally recognised journals and book series. A team from the School edits the British Journal of International Relations, one of the main journals of the UK Political Studies Association, while the International Political Science Review, the journal of the International Political Science Association, also has an editorial base at QUB.   PISP academics are also involved in editing Environmental Politics and Ecopolitics Online and the book series Rethinking Political and International Theory. For further information please follow the links below.

Queen's Political Review

Queen’s Political Review is a student-organized journal in the Politics discipline at Queen’s University Belfast. Made up of a student committee in a range of disciplines, we review articles submitted by our peers and provide a ‘test run’ of sorts for aspiring academics. Once an article is submitted, the committee for each section reviews the article and makes suggested amendments, giving students at Queens a first-hand, relaxed experience at peer-review before plunging into the greater world of academia.

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The British Journal of Politics and International Relations – useful links:


Managing editor: Dr Andrew Baker


Editorial Assistant: Heather Knox


BJPIR Publisher’s website (for links to content and other journal information etc)

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Political Studies Association website

International Political Science Review – Useful Links

Senior Editor: Prof. Yvonne Galligan (QUB)


IPSR’s Publisher website (for links to content and other journal information etc)

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International Political Science Association website,en/

Environmental Politics - Useful links:

QUB Editorial Contact: Dr. John Barry


Environmental Politics, publisher’s website (with contents and other information)

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Eco-Politics Online :

QUB Editorial Contact: Dr. John Barry



Book Series:

Rethinking Political and International Theory (Ashgate)

QUB Series Editors:

Keith Breen (, Dan Bulley ( and Susan McManus (

Committed to a critical and creative exploration of the ways that canonical approaches in political and international theory may be applied to 21st century politics, this series will present pioneering theoretical work on contemporary political issues that both furthers our understanding and shapes exciting new agendas for research.

The series goal is to explore key current developments within political and international theory, and to investigate the interface of these disciplines with social and legal theory and philosophy. It will contain works which advance our appreciation of the relevance of seminal thinkers to our current socio-political context, as well as studies that problematize, and offer new insights into, key political concepts and phenomena within the arena of politics and international relations.

We invite submissions which show the various ways that theory can illuminate current domestic and international politics. The series’ remit is intentionally broad so as to reflect the diversity of present research. Proposals would be welcome, for example, on the issues of nationalism/post-nationalism, sovereignty, Empire and neo-imperialism, humanism/anti-humanism, terror and terrorism, war and just war, human rights, cosmopolitanism and cosmopolitics, biopolitics, the state of exception, agonism, et cetera.

For details of the series and about submitting a proposal, see: