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Philosophy Society

The Philosophy Society at QUB, formally known as Academia Philosophorum, is run by students for everyone and for the purpose of getting people accross campus interested in and engaging with the 'big questions of life'.  Whether you study philosophy and want to get an insight into topics that may be outside your curriculum, or whether you're a student of another subject and are interested in philosophy, you are very welcome at our academic and social events.

Lots of big questions underpin everything from our institutions to our social practices and individual commitments. What makes a law just? Does God exist? What would make something morally good rather than morally bad? What is science, and should we privilege it as a means of establishing knowledge? When do we know something rather than just believe it?

The Philosophy Society is comprised of both undergraduate and postgraduate students, but getting undergraduates involved in philosophical debates of interest to contemporary philosophers is one of our main focuses. To that end, the Society tries to hold meetings at least once a month at which a member or invited speaker will present a paper on a philosophical topic of his or her choice, followed by a discussion and a wine reception (or, depending on the venue, coffee, tea and biscuits). All are welcome, including members of the public.

The Philosophy Society believes in the eternal value of a classical education steeped in the arts and humanities. We do not believe that the pursuit of either wisdom or knowledge should simply be a means to some technical end, but, rather, we see that pursuit as a goal in itself and something to be celebrated.

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Past talks include (but are not limited to):

 We hope to see you at one of our events!